Get ready to dive back into the iconic sci-fi universe of Mass Effect with a thrilling new board game experience.

Modiphius Entertainment, known for bringing beloved video game franchises to the tabletop, is teaming up with BioWare to develop “Mass Effect: Priority Hagalaz – The Board Game.” With a projected release in late 2024, fans have plenty to get excited about.

What to Expect

This board game promises to be a love letter to the Mass Effect series, especially the events of Mass Effect 3.

You’ll take on the role of iconic Commander Shepard and familiar squadmates as you embark on a cooperative adventure against the relentless Reapers.

The game aims to deliver the core Mass Effect experience with a focus on narrative, exploration, and tactical combat.

Modiphius has a reputation for creating high-quality adaptations.

You can expect detailed figures, immersive gameplay, and plenty of opportunities for impactful decisions that echo the choices you made in the video games.

Players will even find mechanics that reflect Mass Effect’s character development system, allowing for upgrades and the chance to tackle special loyalty missions for your squad members.

Key Features

  • Setting: As the title suggests, the board game is rooted in the desperate struggle of Mass Effect 3. The Reapers have invaded, and your team must navigate familiar locations as you fight for the survival of the galaxy.
  • Cooperative: The game is designed for 1 to 4 players, making it ideal for both solo and squad-based play. It emphasizes teamwork, as players’ collective choices will significantly influence the branching storyline and overall outcome.
  • Story-Driven: Much like the video games, expect a narrative-rich experience filled with moral dilemmas, difficult decisions, and consequences that resonate throughout the game.
  • AI-Driven Dynamic: Innovation is key here, as the game will use an artificial intelligence-driven card system to create a responsive and unpredictable enemy force, keeping every playthrough fresh.
  • Miniature-Based: Get ready to see your favorite Mass Effect characters come to life with detailed miniatures. Anticipate 6 beautifully rendered pre-assembled 32mm models featuring members of Shepard’s Normandy crew.

Meet the Design Team

Modiphius Entertainment has assembled an all-star team of board game designers to helm this ambitious project:

  • Eric M. Lang: A renowned designer with experience on popular titles like Marvel United, Rising Sun, and Bloodborne: The Board Game.
  • Calvin Wong Tze Loon: An accomplished designer involved in critically acclaimed projects like Dune: Imperium – Rise of Ix, and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

What We Know So Far

While the full picture is still developing, Modiphius has released some tantalizing details:

  • Campaign Mode: The game will center around a campaign with linked missions. Choices will evolve the central storyline, adding to the weight of each decision.
  • Customization: Players will be able to customize and upgrade their squad members, mirroring the RPG-like character progression of the video games.
  • Combat: Expect fast-paced, tactical encounters with the Reaper forces. The dynamic card system promises to keep things challenging and unexpected.

Where to Find Out More

For regular updates and the latest news on “Mass Effect: Priority Hagalaz – The Board Game,” head over to the Modiphius Entertainment newsletter and keep an eye on their social media. As the release date approaches, expect more details, gameplay previews, and exciting reveals about all things Mass Effect.

Reignite the fight against the Reapers 🔥

Mass Effect fans, get ready to revisit a beloved universe through a fresh new lens. Whether you’re a seasoned tabletop gamer or new to the experience, “Mass Effect: Priority Hagalaz – The Board Game” promises to be an epic journey – one that captures the essence of this cherished space opera in an exciting new format.